Pressing On

It’s amazing what a little sleep can do for your mind-set and that of your child.  Most of the members of our household were sleep deprived when I wrote my last post.  That and sick which makes everything seem that much worse.  I was desperate, irrational, and exhausted.  Thankfully the son in question has now rested up, as have I, and he seems to be a bit more himself.

It’s amazing how quickly things can deteriorate when you are not well rested.  Things that I could normally shake off seem to be the end of the world as I know it.

The one thing I can be grateful for is that my husband and I never seem to fall into the quagmire at the same time.  We seem to take turns being unreasonable.  That way our children only have one irrational parent at a time. 😉

I guess that’s just the nature of having small children; particularly during the “cold and flu season.”  You tend to live in a perpetual state of sleep-deprivation.  And while some days (or weeks…or months) seem impossibly long and miserable, there are moments of shining light when you know it’s all worth it.  Moments when you are together and happy and you remember that nothing is more important than this: family.  Being a family, being together and loving each other.  That’s what life is about and that’s what I live for.


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