One Step Behind

As the mom of an elementary school aged child I often feel as if I’m operating one (or two or three) steps behind where I should be.  Despite my best efforts I am constantly losing important papers, misplacing my son’s school assignments, forgetting to help him practice spelling words, etc.  It’s pretty horrible.

For example:

Today we didn’t finish my son’s homework before bed because I invited my in-laws for dinner and we got distracted.  No big deal because we don’t have to leave for school until 9:15 and he only has one, easy math page to do. Wrong! Actually he has a writing and drawing assignment. Oh, and we forgot to practice his spelling words today too so we’d better squeeze that in too. Oh, and don’t forget those sight words we haven’t done on a while. Better do those too. Ugh.

Then, as I was getting ready for bed tonight I realized I’ve greatly overscheduled my day for tomorrow. After all that early-morning homework I’m supposed to walk with my neighbor AND have a blood test at the same time. I’m supposed to help my friend shop for something to wear for her family pictures AND take my middle son to his preschool trunk-or-treat (for which event I have forgotten to purchase candy so I’ll have to squeeze that in somewhere tomorrow too!), at the same time. I told my grandparents-in-law that we’d come see them on Thursday after school AND my oldest has soccer practice after school.  Grrr.

How do I do this? How can I get so mixed up?  I really need to find a better system to sort out all this madness.

(And, just think, at this point I only have ONE in elementary school.  What will I do when they are all in school???)


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