These Clarks are Made for Walking

Two for two this week in getting my exercise in.  Not only did I walk this morning with the neighbor but I also walked to pick the oldest up from school AND I walked my buns to my local polling place to drop-off my absentee ballet.  Woot!  Woot!  I’d also planned on walking to Costco but MMM threw an epic fit on our ballet drop-off walk so we nixed that one.


While these Mary Janes may not seem like ideal shoes for a lengthy jaunt I have to say, for walking I may like them better than my running shoes.  They are incredibly comfortable.  I purchased them a while back when I decided I was over cheap, trendy shoes.  I decided I wanted nice-ish, comfortable, timeless shoes I can wear over and over until they fall apart.  I got these for a steal online when they briefly went on clearance.  I’m keeping my eyes peeled in case they drop in price again so I can snatch them up in black as well.

Anyway, I’m patting myself on the back for getting some extra exercise in AND doing my civic duty (and privilege) and voting.

Did you vote?



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