Recap of Menu Planning


(Completely unrelated image of a gorgeous pomegranate I got at my son’s soccer game last week.)

If I’ve learned anything from being a mom it is to be more flexible.  Part of my goal to get healthier has been to cook dinners most nights of the week and the only way I can make this happen is to menu plan.  I know other people who have no problem looking through their pantry and just coming up with something but, for me, I need a plan of action or I’ll just get discouraged and give up.  (read: Taco Bell every night)

The important part this week has been being able to roll with the punches.  I had all kinds of plans and intentions but, as usual, life doesn’t go as planned.

The plan was to trade dinners with my neighbor.  I’d do Tuesday, she’d do Wednesday but my neighbor ended up having unexpected dinner guests Tuesday so I couldn’t do Tuesday.  I had already purchased dinner for two families for Tuesday but the dish ended up being too spicy for my kids.  We didn’t have tortillas and I had planned on making burritos twice this week. Thursday I forgot I had committed to bringing an Indian dish to book club AND had told my grandparents-in-law that I’d bring them Chick-fil-a.  Etc.

So here’s the breakdown between plan and execution:

The Plan:

M-Lentil and Sausage soup with whole wheat, oatmeal muffins

T-Slow Cooker Beef & Chipotle Burritos with Cornbread

W- Neighbor dinner

T- White bean and sausage rigatoni

F- Bean and Cheese burritos


M-Lentil and sausage soup with whole wheat/oatmeal muffins

T-Beef and Chipotle “bowls” (too spicy for my kids)

W-Beef Shepherd’s pie (The gravy and potatoes helped cut the spice and this dish was loved by all!)

T-Chana Masala with homemade Naan at book club.  So yummy!


Not so bad, right?  I feel like I rolled with the punches and came out (mostly) on top!

Bring on next week.


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