Ugly Stupid Unloveable

I am:DSC_9394-1

Ugly.  Stupid.  Friendless.  Unloveable.  Annoying.  Inept.  Irritating.

Often I run through lists of all of my failures.  I put myself down constantly and I am tired of it.  I am ready to make a change.  I am ready to be a confident person.  I am ready to love myself.  I know that it will be a long road but I also know it is worth it.  I need it.  My husband needs it.  He can’t constantly be my buoy.

I am arming myself with this killer list of how to be confident and I am doing it because I AM WORTH IT.

(The picture is from yesterday.  We finally carved my son's Halloween pumpkin.  HAHAHAHAHA)

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