I attended a beautiful funeral today.  Loretta was my neighbor for 15 years, almost my whole childhood.  While I didn’t know her well (a sixty year age gap will do that!) I am glad for how I did know her.

I know that she was a good, kind, gentle woman.  I know she had a very large family that she loved oh-so much.  I know that she kept a beautiful garden and that she painted.  I know we loved to give her hugs and that her husband was one of my favorite people.  (Grandpa Blair, we called him.)  Loretta was a wonderful bonus grandma.

Funerals are always such a good place to learn more about those individuals that you will not have the chance to get to know better in this life.  I learned that Loretta had five daughters and one son.  She has 25 grandchildren and over 60 great grand children (so far!).  I learned that Loretta didn’t learn to paint until all of her children had left home and that she loved to learn and was always reading.  I learned she grew up so poor that they didn’t have indoor plumbing until she and her sister, as teenagers, worked so they could buy an indoor toilet.  Loretta was a very loved woman and I am grateful for the chance I had to know her.  I only wish I had been able to know her better.

Farewell grandma Blair.  Until we meet again.




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