It’s a Keeper

A while back I realized I didn’t have any wedding pictures on my picture wall.  My kitchen wall is an ever-growing collage of 1-DSC00539pictures.  I hope that one day it reaches floor to ceiling.  In any case, I decided to go through my wedding album and hang some of the pictures on the wall.  A select few made it to the wall and the others mostly made it back into the album.  One, though, has been floating around the house since.

Yesterday it surfaced on the bookshelf in my room.  I grabbed it when I grabbed my book and took it to the kitchen.  Scissors, glue, purple (my favorite) paper and contact paper later I had the perfect book mark.

P.S.  After much prodding from my best friend I finally started “Outlander” and I understand why she’s been bugging me so long.  I love having a friend who knows me so well!  She described it as a woman’s version of “The Song of Ice and Fire” (better known as “The Game of Thrones“) series, which I also LOVE.  I can’t wait to finish the book so I can watch the show. (Outlander on Starz)

(And this is for any of you “Game of Thrones” FREAKS like me.  I just can’t help myself. ;))