Pity Party is Over (and some garden updates)

Okay.  Sorry about my little pity party yesterday.  I get so frustrated that I’m not one of those fertile Myrtle types, yada yada yada.  Anyway, I ate a bunch of brownies yesterday (I accidentally quadrupled the recipe for the staff appreciation party yesterday and ended up with extra), had a good nights rest (in bed with the lights out by 10:30) and the world seems good again today.

I thought I’d do a little garden update today.  My spring garden is in full force and I’m trying to figure out where to put my summer plants.


Marigolds in the window.  I can’t believe how quickly they sprouted!


At a baby shower last weekend they had us plant seeds.  I’m excited about having a pumpkin patch this year.  I’m not  bothering planting them in my grow boxes this time.  I cleared out a spot next to the house for my patch.

DSC_9684-3  DSC_9687-4


Garden at a glance.

DSC_9696-7 DSC_9698-8 DSC_9704-9

Kale, snap peas, Chard

DSC_9709-10 DSC_9710-11 DSC_9716-12

The carrots are just about done (a place to plant something else. yes!) sunflower and a flower bed (trying to attract bees this year)

DSC_9720-13 DSC_9724-14 DSC_9733-15

Tomato bed (have one spot left for another tomato just trying to decide on which variety) and cabbage

DSC_9734-16 DSC_9735-17 DSC_9736-18 DSC_9755-19 DSC_9759-20 DSC_9762-21 DSC_9769-22 DSC_9772-23

Cabbage, arugula, lettuce, yellow mulberries, red mulberries, apricots, cherries and grapes!

I’m so excited for summer.  I love me some digging in the dirt.  What about you?  Do you like getting your hands dirty?


Long Time No Write

It’s been a while.  I, apparently, got a virus on my laptop.  Back before having internet on my phone I am sure that I would have been all over my husband to try to fix my computer but with quick access on my phone to check this n’ that I haven’t been too much in a hurry.  Long story short: I’m back.

(I’m backing-up all of my pictures off my point-and-shoot camera and while I was waiting I found some pictures of my garden last year.  I’m so excited for this summer’s garden!)