Keeping it Simple


About a month ago I purged.  Well, I didn’t technically purge for real but I did go through my clothes a drastically reduce the number of clothes in my closet.  The rest I boxed up and put in the garage for now.  I’m about a month in and boy does it feel good.  Everything in my closet and drawers is something I LOVE to wear.  I never could have imagined that having less clothes makes getting dressed easier.  I can grab anything and know I’ll like how I look.  AND, as an added bonus,  I can actually see everything I own.  No more stuffing clothes into drawers or shoving clothes back and forth in the closet trying to see what’s in there.  What you see is what you get.

IMG_5904-3I’m sure when the season finally changes (around here that won’t be for another month and a half) I’ll have to readjust what I have out but for now I’m loving keeping it simple and loving everything I have to wear.