Where do you consume the majority of your media?  I was listening to a program yesterday (I’m afraid it’s becoming painfully obvious where I get the majority of my news) about the dying morning news programs. And my first thought was, “Oh, yeah.  Morning news.  I remember that!”  Good Morning America, Today, This Morning etc.  Are you like me and did you think, “I remember those,” or are you still an avid follower?  Or maybe your like, “Good Morning who???”

My media consumption has dramatically changed in the last decade.  Ten years ago we had high speed internet but, for the most part, I watched television to relax.  I had shows I regularly watched and there were nights and weekends where I whiled my time away in front of the boob tube.  (That’s what my grandma called it. 😉 )  I sporadically read books (usually compulsively because that’s how I roll) and I paroosed the internet here and there.  I even occasionally plunked myself at the computer (or tv) to play video games.  (I was addicted to Civilation III, to say the least).

Now we have Amazon Prime and the internet.  We also have a few video game consoles, (that are currently on time-out due to one kiddos bad behavior) our phones, tablets etc.  But the thing I find striking is we no longer have cable.  We disconnected a while back and we haven’t looked back.  Ten years ago I would have felt so disconnected and, dare I say it, bored.  Now there are so many other ways to use up our time (to a fault, I might add) that watching television seems almost archaic.  Waiting for a television show?  That’s so 1999…

So, what about you?  Are you still plugged into cable or satellite?  How do you like to use your “screen time”?