Joining a Gym: is it worth it?

I’m thinking about joining a gym again.  I had a membership a few years ago and loved but but after getting pregnant with my third I quit going and ultimately didn’t renew my membership.  Now I’m feeling the itch to get serious about getting in shape again so joining a gym again seems like the obvious choice.  Here is my pros and cons list:


  • Childcare!!!
    • This is a big one for me.  It is very difficult to sneak a workout in when you have multiple little ones crawling on you all day.  Plus it would just be nice to have a little break for myself each day.
  • You can comfortably workout in any weather.
  • All the equipment you could ever need.jamie-eason-live-fit
    • Last time around I followed the Jamie Eason’s Live Fit plan and LOVED it.  It centers around weight training but I happen to be one of those weirdos who love cardio so I ended up adding a treadmill session at the end of my workouts.  It was GREAT.
  • Exercise classes of all kinds for variety.
  • Warding off depression. (See: my post from yesterday.)


  • The expense.
    • Mostly I worry about wasting money by not using it especially if my kids get sick and we can’t go. (See next issue)
  • Kids potentially getting sick more.
    • It’s a little different this time because my oldest is in elementary school and MM is in preschool but the first time around my kids got sick A LOT.  It’s no fun to have sick kids but them being sick also meant that we couldn’t go to the gym which made me feel like we were wasting our money.
  • You have to drive there.
    • I think this one is mitigated by the fact that I am basically driving to my childcare but it’s still a fact that it’s not completely convenient to have to drive across town to workout.

So what do you think?  Like I said, I’m leaning toward joining but I’d love to hear your feelings on the matter.  Do you have a gym membership?  Why or why not?  Is it worth it?